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Subject: Re: Ronette maybe? (was: Re: the picture of maddy and laura in ben horne's office...)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-12, 04:16

In article <4a4ba9f6.20b6d@apollo.HP.COM>, dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson) writes...

}}} I don't think anyone has brought this up yet, but wasn't that
}}} a picture of maddy and laura in ben horne's office; [...]

}} I thought it was a picture of Laura and Audrey, which I thought
}} strange at the time since they were not close. 

> > My first impression upon reviewing the tape was that the picture showed 
> > Laura and Ronette. This makes more sense, if they were entertainers to-
> > gether at the OEJ.

No, I agree with the previous poster -- it's Laura and Audrey.

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