Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: some stuff
From: (Paul Christopher Workman)
Date: 1990-05-12, 15:08

Why would Madeline need to put on a wig to
pretend to be Laura when she's on the PHONE?

Apparently there was a clue in Cooper's dream
about a bird singing.  Way back in Cagney
movies, that meant a criminal was talking
to the cops.  Will we get a confession soon?
Maybe from Hawk?

About the crow or raven: Odin had two ravens
which would tell him what's going on in the
world.  A bird provided a segueway between Dr Jacoby's
and Bobby's scene and Cooper et al.'s scene.  I wonder
if Cooper could be compared to Odin, and birds send
him signals, or something.  There's that heavy
Nordic visitation theme, and it struck me the way
that Cooper arrived so quickly on the scene; as if
the gods saw the troubles on Earth and sent someone
down to investigate it.  It's reminds me of Greek
myth.  It's been suggested before that Cooper is an alien,
and all agents on a Federal level (Cooper, Albert, that guy
Cooper talked to on the speaker phone, Diane) that we've
seen so far have a bizarre, other-worldly air to them.
I don't think it'll turn out that they're all gods
but I wonder if Lynch and Frost thought about this
when they created the show.

I distincly heard the lyrics "floating into the night"
from the song playing in the cabin Cooper et al. found,
so apparently it was the Cruise song.