Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Thoughts on last episode
From: kelley@boulder.Colorado.EDU (Kelley McDonald)
Date: 1990-05-12, 16:51

I sent this in a little while ago about the conversation between Dr. Jacoby
and Bobby...

> > Bobby said "She wanted so much ... she made me sell drugs so she could
> > have [th]em".  

I just got that from my video tape.  

I saw other people mentioning that Nadine was Blacky without the patch.
I really don't think so.  

I don't think that Josie Packard is bad, she is just trying to keep
her sawmill.  And Ben Horne is probably just trying to play all sides
of the fence (plus Josie has pictures).  

Concerning Lucy and Andy's relationship, in the pilot, Lucy mentions to
Sherriff Cooper that she put some decaf out because of Andy... I think
that the problem is that Andy has been a little on the impotent side
because of all the caffine.  Lucy is just pissed off about this.

New theory about Leo's shirt:  What is Bob Lydecker's blood type?
After all, he is in a coma from some bar incident.  Maybe Leo tried
to kill Lydecker.

Laura's tape to Jacoby was most likely a dream or a vision.  Could she
had been foreseeing her own death?  I think the tape that Maddie found
will be very important.

Kelley McDonald

ps.  I'll bet that we see Audrey wearing the flashy FBI windbreaker
in the next episode.

pss.  I hope we find out about that other twine that Albert found on 
Laura and Ronnette.  That is an important clue.

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