Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Presidential Episode
From: (C. Coleman)
Date: 1990-05-13, 15:03

Reply-To: (C. Coleman)

Organization: University of Rochester
Keywords: 7 presidents

      Yesterday at a party a Film grad student remarked to me that he
felt the May 10th episode of TP was loaded with Presidential References.
Although he wasn't sure of their relevance he thought it was one more
thing to set TP apart from the rest. Here are the refs.

1) The lining up of the faces of Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and Doc. Hayward
was a reference to Mt. Rushmore.

2) Jerry Horne says (Not verbatim) "Ich bein all Icelandich, We are all
Icelanders", this is a direct quote from a 60's speech from JFK at the
Berlin wall excecpt he used Berliners rather than Icelanders.

3) When in the woods the four investigators find two log cabins. This was
my own discovery and I would fit it in with the others as a reference to
Abe Lincoln.

4) The finding of a hidden tape in Laura Palmer's bedpost was interpreted
by my friend as a reference to Richard Nixon.

5) This need not be as important but these references may all offer a
connection to the fact that the sherrif's name is Harry S. Truman.

These are the only references that we could find but if anyone has any
additional comments, questions, references or critcisms they are very
much appreciated.