Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: #5
From: (Sean Huxter)
Date: 1990-05-13, 19:39

In article <> (Paul Raveling) writes:
> >
> >	Nomination for best line:	"I want to cook for you!"

Ditto.  Don't you just LOVE Jerry Horne?

My favourite quote of his:  "Did they sign?"  after being told that Leland's
daughter was murdered, and the Noreweigans left.  And after that: "I'm

> >	                  I suspect Leo of wrapping corpses so that

I've notice this before:  Why has no one mentined all of the PLASTIC aroud
LEO's house, where he is renovating???  Laura's body was wrapped in PLASTIC!

> >	That walk-on of Scott Frost's was nearly a splash-on.  He's
> >	the smiling Icelander who listens to Ben's dumb joke about
> >	crossing a Norwegian with a Swede as Sylvia dumps her drink
> >	on Ben's shoe.

Didn't know of Frost's walk-on.  And who's SYLVIA?

And I agree with many netters.  We have thousands of crows around here, and
that bird was NOT a crow, it was a raven.

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