Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Audrey
From: (Sean Huxter)
Date: 1990-05-13, 20:04

In article <00936A1D.3B878740@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU> mschiano@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU (Michael Jude Schiano) writes:

> >	This may be old news for some (many?), but some cable
> >	pay network (either SHO or MAX) played "One of the Guys"
> >	or "One of the Boys" or whatever that [recent] movie is
> >	where the high-school girl pretends she's a boy so she
> >	can enter some contest.  Actually, the movie isn't as
> >	bad as it sounds.  Anyway, chances are it'll be on again, 
> >	perhaps regularly, knowing cable, and any Audrey Horne fans
> >	ought to be informed (reminded) that she's got a major role
> >	in the movie. 

Wasn't her.

The girl who played the transvestite teen in that movie is the same who plays
Victor's girlfreind in L.A. Law.

It is NOT the same actress who plays Audrey Horne.


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