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Subject: Re: Everybody do "The Leland"
From: (George Ferguson)
Date: 1990-05-13, 09:45

In article <> (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:
> >In any case, it should now be pretty clear what the story is.  Here's my
> >take on it:
> >
> >Leo murders Laura.  Several days later, Shelly shoots him.  Severely
> >wounded, Leo realizes that his being shot was, at least in part, a
> >consequence of his having murdered Laura.  He travels several days back
> >into the past, to warn Leo-prime not to kill Laura, otherwise Leo-prime
> >will be shot by Shelly-prime.
> >[Leo-naught...Shelly-prime...Laura-prime...]

An excellent interpretation of the facts as we have them.

I hope people realize that these astute observations lead to yet another
filmic reference: "Leo and Laura's Excellent Adventure" which starred Lou
Diamond Phillips as Leo and Moon Unit Zappa as Laura (cameo by Bert Convy
as Dr. Jacoby). Leonard Maltin says: "Two kids dial up a load of coke from
a strange phonebooth, only to end up in the middle of Washington State with
blood on their hands."

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