Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A few words about Paul.
From: (A Modem User)
Date: 1990-05-14, 15:08

This may have nothing at all to do with "Twin Peaks" but I find it an
interesting bit of trivia in any event. Over the course of time, what I
am about to say may prove itself to be relevant:

David Lynch has a fascination with the name "Paul". One of the only three
characters in _Eraserhead_ to have Christian names is named Paul. The
others, of course, are Henry Spencer (the title character) and Mary X,
his wife. A line in the dialogue, spoken to Paul, which is basically:

"O.K. Paul!"

is also the name for Lynch's music publishing company, as those owners of
the Julee Cruise album will note.

_The Elephant Man_ doesn't appear to have any characters named Paul. _Dune_,
however, does (although it must be stated that Frank Herbert, who wrote
the book years before David Lynch even started making films, came up with
the name "Paul" for his main character), and that role just happens to
be played by Kyle MacLachlan, now referred to as a "Lynch regular."

_Blue Velvet_ has a character who calls himself "Paul" as well, and lo and
behold it just happens to be played by Jack Nance, who started off as Henry
in _Eraserhead_ and, along with MacLachlan, stars in "Twin Peaks."

Strange, then, that there doesn't appear to be any character named "Paul"
in the series. Am I mistaken? Or is this another revelation soon to come
up? I think it would be a wonderful kick-in-the-head if both Pete and Dale
turned out to be named Paul and of course have some sinister influence
over the town. But somehow there seems to be a good chance that that won't
be terribly likely