Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Hank, Josie, and Andrew
From: rickf@Apple.COM (Rick Fleischman)
Date: 1990-05-14, 18:38

A possible connection between Hank, Josie, and Andrew Packard's death:

1)  Hank was in jail for Manslaughter due to an "accidental" killing.  We
have not been told who he killed.
2)  Andrew Packard died an "accidental" death.

It is possible that Hank was the one who "accidentally" caused Andrew
Packard's death, possibly conspiring with Josie.  That would explain
why she understood the domino and Hank's phone call.  It would also
put her in league with Benjamin Horne.

To confirm this theory:  Does anyone remember how long ago (in Twin Peaks
time) Andrew Packard died?  Does this correspond with how long Hank Jennings
was in prison?

Just a thought...

Rick Fleischman
Developer Channels/APDA
Apple Computer, Inc.