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Subject: Invitation to Love
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-05-14, 08:46

My observant friend Steve (TM) and I were trying to figure out the
parallels between "Invitation to Love" and the TP story line.  Our
(shaky) consensus is that Invitation to Love is generally a cheesy
foreshadowing device.  We've seen "Invitation to Love" clips three (?)

    1) Leland watches Invitation to Love, starring so-and-so as
        "Emerald and Jade".  In walks Maddie, Laura's "twin cousin." 
        (Possible reference to the old Patty Duke show?)
    2) Lucy watches Invitation to Love, and Emerald (?) is trying to
        seduce Chet to get "The Towers" away from her sister.  Later, we
        see Catherine and Ben scheming to "take away" the mill from
        Catherine's partner.
    3) Shelly watches Invitation to Love and some mean guy is
        beating up Chet.  Later, Hank beats up Leo.

This is a not-entirely-satisfactory interpretation of the meaning of
"Invitation to Love."  In particular, it ignores that in clip 1, we also
see Emerald/Jade's father writing a suicide note.  Also, the parallel
for example 2 is not too clear, and may be wrong.

Does anyone else have any ideas about all this?  Also, I still haven't
seen the pilot.  Did "Invitation to Love" appear in it?

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