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Subject: Re: Audrey
From: nancyh@hobbes.uucp (Nancy Holt)
Date: 1990-05-14, 20:27
Reply-to: nancyh@hobbes.UUCP (Nancy Holt)

In article <2413@media-lab.MEDIA.MIT.EDU> (Evan A. Reidell) writes:
> >...stuff about Audrey being in "Just One Of The Guys (1985)" deleted...
> >Slow down, Sherilyn Fenn fans... she's nowhere to be seen in "Just One
> >Of The Guys" although the actress in that film looks a bit like her.

Oh, but she IS in it.  we rented it tonight.  While not the main character,
she has the interesting part of falling for the teen drag protagonist
(not knowing she's really a she, of course)

paul who is not --paul