Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Opinions and comments on 5/10 episode
From: (David B. Knight)
Date: 1990-05-14, 15:21

In article <7272@ur-cc.UUCP> (Ben Wright) writes:
> >For one thing, Lelenad and Catherine's "Antler Dance" seems pretty
> >popular with most people, but I really thought it was a cheap joke.  This
> >kind of humor is typical of "Three's Company" or any other typical
> >sitcom.  When Catherine started holding her head like Leleand, all I
> >could think of was a similar exercise scene from the "Toxic Avenger."  It
> >was a cheap, predictable, extrememly NON-LYNCH, NON-TWIN PEAKS moment in
> >the show.

I agree with you.  I couldn't believe they did this, and was especially
disappointed when they dwelled on it for so long. 

> >I disliked Cooper's "FBI" jacket.  I understand that it's probably
> >regulation to wear such a uniform when perforing risky entry-type
> >operations, but without the tenchcoat, it ain't my man Cooper.

I also disliked this, but I don't think it is far from truth.  I have
seen several movies (Shoot to Kill comes to mind) where FBI agents
wear similar jackets with what looks like the letters FBI stuck on with
yellow tape, but I assume that they have done their research and know
more about it than I do.  Either that or they use the same wardrobe

Dave Knight