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Subject: Re: Presidential Episode
Date: 1990-05-14, 12:38


In article <7324@ur-cc.UUCP>, (C. Coleman) writes...
> > 
> >2) Jerry Horne says (Not verbatim) "Ich bein all Icelandich, We are all
> >Icelanders", this is a direct quote from a 60's speech from JFK at the
> >Berlin wall excecpt he used Berliners rather than Icelanders.
> > 
Please note that this is a DONUT reference.  JFK screwed up big time in his
speech, because berliner is German for donut, so when he thought that he was
saying "I am a citizen of Berlin." He was really saying "I am a jelly donut." 
I thought this was one of the best puns in the show so far.
Andy Perry; Swarthmore College OR AWP92@swarthmr

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