Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: some stuff
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-14, 03:55

> >                          It's reminds me of Greek
> > myth.  It's been suggested before that Cooper is an alien,
> > and all agents on a Federal level (Cooper, Albert, that guy
> > Cooper talked to on the speaker phone, Diane) that we've
> > seen so far have a bizarre, other-worldly air to them.
> > I don't think it'll turn out that they're all gods
> > but I wonder if Lynch and Frost thought about this
> > when they created the show.

I would guess that Lynch and Frost intended to have the "bizarre, other-worldly
air" of Cooper and company contrast with the "everyday, regular-folks" veneer 
of the Twin Peaks natives, i.e. those who at first appear odd are actually the
representatives of the "normal world", while those who, on the surface, seem
unremarkable are in fact the ones with all sorts of secrets, problems, and just
general strangeness in their lives.

Barbara Petersen
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