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Subject: Re: The Broken Heart Necklace!
From: nancyh@hobbes.uucp (Nancy Holt)
Date: 1990-05-14, 04:58
Reply-to: nancyh@hobbes.UUCP (Nancy Holt)

In article (Rich Rosen) writes:

> >In article <>,
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> >Who says DR. Leydecker's name *is* Bob?   He could, hoever, be related to

The one-armed man.  "He's just about my best friend in the whole world."
when asked who "Bob" is.

Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey) is also in a movie called _The_Wraith_.

It has been mentioned that Kyle McLachlan is in _The_Hidden_.  So is the
guy who plays Hank.  I must say he looks quite charming with a giant slug
crawling out of his mouth.

I asked someone I know who wears glasses ('cause I don't) why someone
might wear glasses with one pink and one polarised (not blue) lens.
She said that pink had become popular amongst people who were irritated
by flourescent lights, and polarised could also be used for that purpose,
though why they are mixed, I don't know.

3-D glasses: I've never seen a pair of 3-D glasses with real glass
lenses and metal frames.

Color blindness:  As was mentioned by the fellow who gave evidence
for this, the glasses whould have to be goggle like to do any good
with color blindness.  Also, he could see that the Corvette he was
following was red.

I just wish Dr. Jacoby would tell us why he DOES wear glasses like that.

About the blood on the donuts:
I don't think it's blood.  I think Cooper got a little overzeloused
chomping into his morning jelly filled. :-)

paul who is not --paul