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Subject: Re: The Broken Heart Necklace!
From: (Rich Rosen)
Date: 1990-05-15, 05:56

In article <>,
(Dave Mack) writes:
}>>There is no chance that Bob Lydecker is the Killer Bob from the
}>>dream. First, Lydecker's receptionist looked at the drawing ("the
}>>eyes should be closer together") and said it wasn't Dr. Lydecker.
}>>Second, Lydecker is in a coma in Calhoun Memorial Hospital, 
}>Who says DR. Leydecker's name *is* Bob?   He could, hoever, be related to
}>someone named Bob (brother, father, aunt, first cousin with one arm
} Whacha been smokin', Rich?
} COOPER: Do you know someone named Bob?
} GERARD: Bob Lydecker's just about my best friend in the world.
} TRUMAN: Why were you at the hospital.
} GERARD: Bob's in a coma.
} TRUMAN (to COOPER): There was a Lydecker who was attacked a couple
} 	of nights ago outside a bar in Low Town.
} GERARD: That's Bob.
} COOPER: Is your friend Bob a doctor?
} GERARD: Just about the best darned veterinarian in these parts.
} Any other questions?

OK, OK, OK, I forgot to spend all day rewatching that episode, sorry. :-)


Bob could still be Gerard's friend, who *is* a veterinarian, who *does* live
around those parts, but is NOT the Dr. Lydecker who runs the clinic.  (As I
said, brother, father, etc.)  A friend of mine just said to me last night that
he recalled the scene where the receptionist at the clinic is aksed to identify
the man in the picture.  According to his recollection, her answer is cut
short, or she is not allowed to finish, and/or her inflection indicated
something on the order of "No, that's not *Dr.* Lydecker..." [but... ???].

It's little things like that, you know.
		"Never assume, because when you do..."
			Rich Rosen
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