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Subject: Re: VCR use
From: (bmay)
Date: 1990-05-15, 16:14
Reply-to: bmay@yoda.UUCP ()

In article <> (Chris Brooks) writes:
> >[...] If you were directing TP [...] would you do things differently if you 
> >expected people would tape your show and analyze it in detail later?
> >
> >[...] I might leave "certain clues" for the tapers--sort of a hidden extra.

I am not a Lynch expert either, but several of his earlier films are cult 
classics which fans view many times.  Lynch knows this, and probably aspires
to "cult" status for TP, also.  IMHO, the plot is so layered and clues so
minute (eye patch on peasant figurine on Nadine's mantle, etc...) that no one
could be expected to get any benefit (or enjoyment) from them without
repetitive viewing.
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