Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks USA Today article
From: (Jeremy Crampton)
Date: 1990-05-15, 10:12

Well, as some of you may have seen, there is a minorly interesting
article in today's USA Today, the MacDonald of newspapers.  If you're
too embarrassed to go out and buy it, here is the main text.  I
apologise for the awful puns, but they're in favour with these guys.

Some micro-spoilers.

USA Today, Tuesday, May 15.

"The threads of a mystery--On 'Peaks' clothes send a message."

Do clothes make the man? Or woman?  Maybe, in "Twin Peaks" case.
As ABC's unconventional cult hit winds down, everyone is desparately
searching for insights into the people and events.  Could there be some
in the characters' closets?

"Twin Peaks" costuming is totally psychological--not a fashion show,"
says series costume designer Sara Markowitz.  "And there are lots of
quirky things about the characters' clothing that gives hints as to
who they really are."

Will clothes tell us who killed Laura Palmer?  Maybe.  Maybe not.
But there's significance in everything everyone wears:

-Trucker/dealer/wifebeater Leo Johnson: Markowitz gave him a "down and
dirty look with a slimy side" with washed silk shirts.  He always wears
aqua suede boots.  I wanted him to look like he wears too much cologne."

-Lolita-on-acid Audrey Horne: "She wears Catholic schoolgirl skirts and
saddle shoes and very tight, seductive sweaters.  [There's an accom-
panying colour picture of her in just such a get up ;)]  She desparately
wants to be daddy's little girl.  She can't get his love, so goes for
negative attention."

--Beautiful mill mistress (with dead husband and sheriff lover) Josie
Packard: She's "the precious gem at the mill--one of the only women
in town who dresses as if she shops outside Twin Peaks.  But I wonder
if she had anything to do with her husband's death."  [Also has a pic]

-Laura's barking boyfriend, Bobby Briggs: "He's not the bad guy everyone
thinks he is."  Dressed defensively in combat pants and paratrooper boots.
"That's his military father's influence.  In the fourth episode, he wore
a bowling shirt that read 'Guilty One Plus Four' on the back."  [Has a pic]

-Tough-boy-next-door James Hurley: "He has a biker exterior--leather
jacket and Harley boots--but underneath he's soft, flannel shirts
and sweaters."

-Nutty psychiatrist Dr Jacoby: "He's my favorite, the kinda guy who would
wear a kilt.  He wears a Hawaiian lab coat and vintage knickers and
argyle socks for the golf-ball spitting scene.  His ties are always
strange--hunting scenes, fish."  One piece of neckwear that will make
sense this week: "The tie with a man in a phonebooth on it."
What's with his bi-colored specs?  "That's so his analytical brain
can look out through the rosy lens; his emotional side can look out
through the cool blue side."  And the earplugs?  "He wore earplugs
off duty because he listens to people's problems all day at work."
[Also has a pic].

Not too much here, except for Jacoby, which tells us why he wears
those glasses.  Looks like the colour-blindness theory is shot.
And I don't know what to make of the info about Bobby's shirt,
which I couldn't read on the show (except for the front, which
said "Dick," as others have noted).  Any ideas?  Surely they
wouldn't be *that* obvious (guilty one...)?