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Subject: TWIN PEAKS Timeline V2.0
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-16, 04:18

I thought that I'd posted this already, but I haven't seen it pop back
up here. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

05 Feb (Sunday) or
06 Feb (Monday)
   -- "Day One" (entry in Laura's diary). Day One of what? Laura and
      James' relationship is my guess. During Cooper's questioning of
      James, he asked what happened on 2/5, and James flashed back on
      the time he gave Laura the locket. On the other hand, when Cooper
      is looking at this page in the diary, the date at the top of the
      page says February 6. Cooper did say to Diane that he had flipped
      back 18 days to "Day One". That could be 18 days from 2/23 (the
      last entry in the diary), yielding the 5th, or from 2/24 (the day
      he was looking at it), yielding the 6th.

12 Feb (Sunday)
   -- The picnic (James told Cooper that it was "two Sundays ago").

23 Feb (Thursday)

   05:00 PM (Josie to Cooper and Truman)
   -- Laura arrives at Josie Packard's for Josie's English lessons.
      Josie says that Laura left an hour later.

   Sometime after dinner
   -- Last entry in Laura's diary: "Nervous about meeting J. tonight."
      (After dinner because she remarks about having asparagus for
      dinner again.)

   -- Laura returns home from Bobby's house. (Sarah Palmer tells Truman
      that she last saw Laura when she got home about 9:00. Bobby answers
      yes when Cooper asks him, "She was studying at your house until
      about 9:30. Isn't that right?")

   -- Laura snuck out of her house (James to Cooper).

   -- Laura jumps off James' bike and runs off (James to Cooper).

   12:00-04:00 (AM)
   -- Estimated time of Laura's death according to the preliminary autopsy.

24 Feb (Friday)  [Episode #0 (pilot) - 4/8]

   "Just after dawn" (Harry to Bobby)
   -- Pete Martell finds Laura's body.
   -- Ben and Leland have meeting with Norwegians.
   -- Bobby takes Shelly home, then goes to school and is arrested.

   -- Ronnette announced as missing, then found wandering along tracks.
   -- Nadine sends Big Ed off to get the drapes ("They said those drapes
      would be ready by 10.")

   11:30 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper enters Twin Peaks.

   Noon/early afternoon
   -- Cooper & Truman check on Ronnette, then Laura.
   -- C&T look through Laura's diary.
   -- Andy and team find the train car.
   -- C&T question Bobby, then Donna.

   04:00 (approx)
   -- "The Norwegians are leaving!" (one of Ben's employees tells concierge
      that Ben would be back at 4:00 for the final signing of the deal with
      the Norwegians, and Ben arrives as the Norwegians are leaving)

   04:10 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- C&T at the train car.

   Early evening
   -- Town meeting where Cooper addresses the community leaders.

   09:30 (approx)
   -- Donna sneaks out to meet James at the Roadhouse. Big Ed to meet Norma
      there as well. Fight breaks out, Joey Paulsen takes Donna to meet
      James. J&D bury the locket. James is arrested.

   12:28 AM (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper knocks off for the night. Harry goes to see Josie. Locket is
      dug up by Person Unknown

25 Feb (Saturday)  [Episode #1 - 4/12]

   06:18 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper is up and goes to breakfast, where he meets Audrey.

   Early to mid-morning
   -- C&T get autopsy results from Dr. Hayward.
   -- Shelly discovers Leo's shirt is soaked with blood just before going
      to work.
   -- C&T question James.
   -- Mike & Bobby talk in jail cell (Leo called Mike "yesterday" and Bobby
      met with Leo "the night Laura died").
   -- Cooper gets call from Albert, Harry & Ed discuss the "stakeout".
   -- James released into Ed's custody, Mike and Bobby released.

   "Just barely morning" (Pete to Josie)
   -- C&T talk to Josie.
   -- Catherine & Ben have a rendezvous.

   -- Donna visits Palmers and Sarah has vision of Killer Bob.

   Late afternoon/early evening (exterior shot is dark)
   -- Hawk questions Pulaskis, spots One-Armed Man.
   -- Bobby and Major Briggs have words over dinner
   -- C&T encounter Log Lady at RR.

   Later in evening
   -- Shelly gets home, gets beaten by Leo.
   -- James has dinner at Haywards'.
   -- Jacoby listens to tape from Laura, takes out the half of the locket
      buried by James & Donna.

   Evening (continued)  [Episode #2 - 4/19]
   -- Jerry Horne gets back from Paris. He and Ben go to One-Eyed Jack's.

   Midnight (clock at Haywards')
   -- James & Donna have their heart-to-heart.
   -- Hawk calls Cooper.
   -- Audrey slips note under Cooper's door.
   -- Bobby & Mike meet with Leo in the woods.

26 Feb (Sunday)  [still Episode #2]

   -- Ed drops grease on Nadine's drape runners. Nadine's arms bend back.
   -- Cooper teaches Harry, Hawk, Andy, & Lucy about Tibet.
   -- Shelly turns off "Invitation to Love" (a soap opera on Sunday
      morning?!) and Bobby comes visiting.

   Late morning (after church)
   -- Haywards meet Audrey in the RR.

   Afternoon ("Are we going to have to stand here all afternoon?" Albert
              to Lucy)
   -- Albert and team arrives

   -- Nadine ecstatic about her now-silent runners.
   -- Pete & Catherine talk. Pete sneaks safe key to Josie.
   -- Josie finds two ledgers in safe.
   -- Leland has breakdown to the strains of Glen Miller.
   -- Cooper dreams of dancing dwarves and doppelgangers.

27 Feb (Monday)  [Episode #3 - 4/26]

   07:15 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper meets with Audrey over breakfast, then tells Harry & Lucy
      about his dream.

   Mid to late morning(?)
   -- Cousin Madeleine arrives.
   -- Norma is told of Hank's pending parole.
   -- C&T talk to Leo.
   -- Bobby and father have words again.

   12:27 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- C&T leave for funeral after listening to Albert's autopsy report.
   -- Ed & Nadine have quiet moment, James declines to go to funeral.
   -- Audrey checks on her family through a peephole.

   Early afternoon
   -- Laura's funeral. James and Bobby fight. Leland freaks out.

   -- Shelly demonstrates Leland's coffin ride.
   -- Cooper meets the Bookhouse Boys, and they question Bernard Renault
      at the Bookhouse.
   -- Jacques calls Leo for help.
   -- Catherine eavesdrops on Josie & Harry. Josie shows Harry the safe,
      but one of the ledgers is missing -- Catherine has the other one.
   -- Cooper meets Jacoby at the cemetary, then meets Hawk at the Roadhouse.
      The two of them take a drunken Leland home.

28 Feb (Tuesday)  [Episode #4 - 5/3]

   Day (there's no convenient times of day mentioned to assign to events)
   -- Andy sketches Killer Bob from Sarah Palmer's description. Sarah
      then describes her vision of a someone digging up the necklace.
   -- Cooper questions Jacoby
   -- Hawk tracks down the One-Armed Man to Timber Falls Motel, where at
      the same time, Ben and Catherine are having a rendezvous. Josie is
      there, staking out B&C.
   -- Cooper and the boys arrive and question Mike Gerard (One-Armed Man).
   -- Bernard Renault makes bail [not shown, but mentioned later].
   -- Audrey gets Donna to agree to help her solve the mystery of Laura's
   -- Norma goes to husband Hank's parole meeting.
   -- Cooper's and the boys visit the Lydecker Clinic and confiscate files.
   -- Bobby has rendezvous with Shelly, and she gives him Leo's bloody shirt.
   -- Cooper, Harry, Hawk, and Andy practice in the shooting range.

   Late afternoon/early evening
   -- James runs into Madeleine Ferguson at the RR diner.
   -- Norma gets a call from the prison -- Hank is being paroled.
   -- Ben talks to Jerry about some Icelanders, and then Audrey talks to
      Ben about learning the family business by starting work at the
      department store.
   -- A fax arrives from Albert with a reconstruction of the plastic piece
      found in Laura's stomach. Andy comes across the file on Waldo, a
      mynah bird belonging to Jacques Renault. The cops race to Jacques
      apartment. They find Leo's bloody shirt there, planted by Bobby.

   -- Ben meets Leo by the river and they make plans about setting fire
      to the Mill. Bernard Renault's body is lying on the ground; Leo
      confesses to killing him, and reports that frere Jacques is hiding
      out in Canada.
   -- James and Donna go to where they buried the necklace and find it
   -- Pete chats with Josie, then retires. She gets call from Hank Jennings.

01 Mar (Wednesday)  [Episode #5 - 5/10]

   04:28 (Cooper to Diane)
   -- Cooper is woken up by singing Icelanders.

   Day (there's no convenient times of day mentioned to assign to events)
   -- Cooper meets Audrey in the hotel restaurant
   -- Ben & Jerry discuss the Sons of Odin.
   -- Coop meets Harry & Andy at Jacques Renault's place. The blood on Leo's
      shirt is determined to be blood-type AB-negative, which does not match
      Laura's, though it does match Jacques'.
   -- Bobby has breakfast at Shelly's; Andy comes looking for Leo; Leo calls.
   -- Norma drops by Big Ed's and they agree to cool their relationship for
      a while.
   -- Audrey has her job interview at daddy's store.
   -- James and Donna meet.
   -- Coop discovers Laura's ad in FLESH WORLD.
   -- Madeleine meets with James & Donna at the RR and agrees to help them.
   -- Hank, now out on parole, shows up at the RR to start work.
   -- The Briggs family goes to see Dr. Jacoby.
   -- Coop, Harry, Hawk, and Doc Hayward go hiking, and find the Log Lady's
      cabin. Coop interrogates the log.

   04:00 (cuckoo clock)
   -- Coop, Harry, Hawk, and Doc find Jacques' cabin, and discover clues
      given to Coop in his dream.

   -- Party at the Great Northern for the Icelanders. Ben & Catherine meet
      in private, Audrey eavesdrops. Leland Palmer freaks out to music.
   -- Madeleine calls Donna; she found a tape of Laura's.
   -- Back at the party, Ben surreptitiously meets with Josie.
   -- Leo gets home and is beat up on by Hank Jennings. Leo gets pissed at
      Shelly, who pulls out her gun and shoots Leo.
   -- Coop arrives back at his room at the Great Northern, only to find
      Audrey in his bed.

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