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Subject: 5/17 - *SPOILERS*
From: (Denizen of Hell)
Date: 1990-05-17, 22:29

There be spoilers here...

I warned you...

Well, we now know where the blood (and feathers :-) on the doughnuts
came from.

Hmmmmm.  Is Lucy pregnant?  Is Andy the father?  Who is?

$10,000 of FBI money?  Cooper better be good.
Give it up Ed - you're not made for undercover work.

It looks like Josie may just have to be classified under evil after all.
Working with Horne AND Hank to get Catherine to the mill.
And what does Truman know about Josie that he won't tell Cooper?
Did they really think they'd be able to slide the insurance policy
through without Catherine knowing - or is it just to get her to think?

It appears the "perfume counter" now has a known solution.  Mark one item

Audrey and the cherry stem.   YEEEEOOOOW!   I wonder when she got the
practice for that? :-)

Will she meet up with Cooper again?

Almost no James and Donna.  YES!

Could anyone tell which parts of the "preview" were actually new scenes?
"Then, where am I?"

So is Nadine just a red herring after all?

Come on net, the final episode is 6 days away.  Let's try to get the

So, anyone willing to make up an Official Canonical Twin Peaks Dangling 
Plotline List [in the r.a.c tradition]?

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