Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Laura is not a black man (or Jacques taste in art)
Date: 1990-05-17, 02:32

Some clarification and ponderings:

In Flesh World: a previous poster was correct, they just slapped photos
into an existing swinger's magazine. Ronette was a woman 'from'
Arkansas, Leo's truck is from Kansas, and Laura is a single woman from
CT (not a black man, the black man description was ABOVE Laura's picture.)

HST was not 'hiding something, looking up at Jacques light at the
Flesh World and not telling Coop'. Cooper looked up quizically a
couple of times and HST FOLLOWED suit.

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the name of the real estate project:
Ghostwood Estates?

Did anyone notice the `Clown on black velvet' in Jacques kitchen, ha
ha ha?

And most importantly, why does Jerry Horne remind me of a cross
between Randy of the Redwoods and the ResEdit icon?

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