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Subject: Re: An Icelandic Saga - Twin Peaks 5/10
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-17, 06:44

In article <22094@dartvax.Dartmouth.EDU> (Kristy
Patterson) writes:

> > Well, it's gotta be a shock to realize that someone else knows so much about
> > you...especially the part about the first time they (Bobby and Laura) made
> > love;
> >    Jacoby: Did you cry?
> >    Bobby:  Did I what?
> >    Jacoby: And did she laugh at you?
> > Whoa...sounds like a hell of a first time to me!  Wonder what its significance
> > is...

I think there were two points to this exchange.  First of all, it furthers
the idea that Laura was a corrupting influence on Bobby, by casting Bobby as
the innocent/sensitive party, and Laura as an experienced/cruel one (or, more
generally, by suggesting that Laura was the stronger personality in the
relationship).  Secondly, it was intended to show just how far Jacoby is 
willing to go in his quest for whatever it is he's after; in this case, he's
willing to confront Bobby with this very personal and doubtlessly painful
information, with not the slightest concern for what effect it might have on 

I'm still not sure I buy the "Bobby as innocent victim" idea; at best, he is
a very weak, possibly amoral, person who completely crumbled to Laura's will.
As for Jacoby, he's in it up to his ears; I would be surprised if we don't
start to get a lot more clues/events involving him in the next episode or two.

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