Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The cult did it.
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-05-17, 21:32

In article <> (Jeremy Jones) writes:
> >It looks to me like there is a cult.  Remember the circle of candles?
> >Bobby, his friend Mike, and others are members of the cult.  This cult
> >is the "darkness" referred to by the Bookhouse boys who oppose the cult.

The circle of candles was only in Cooper's dream, and like everything
else in the dream, has a purely symbolic meaning - it's code. Also, it
gave Lynch a chance to film one of his favorite images: candles being
blown out.

Truman told Cooper that Hawk's people had fought the darkness before
the white men came and that others had fought it before the Blackfeet
(Blackfoots? Nah.) He's clearly talking about something more
metaphysical than a cult. The darkness is something that makes people
do evil, it isn't the people themselves.

> >Bobby is aware that James is a Bookhouse boy who opposes the cult, hence
> >his hate for James and the barking in Jail.

If this cult doesn't have a name for itself, I propose "The Barking

> >The cult is responsible for Laura's murder so that although we won't find
> >out who the murderer is by the end of the series but we will feel satisfied
> >because we will know that members of the cult did it.

Very generous of Bobby to let them kill Laura while she still has
his ten thou in her safe deposit box.

The one person we can be absolutely sure didn't kill Laura is
Bobby Briggs. She had his money - Leo's shoe money - and he is,
despite his bravado with Shelley, absolutely terrified of Leo.

-- Dave Mack