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Subject: Re: thoughts on TP
From: (bmay)
Date: 1990-05-17, 09:02
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In article <> oliver@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Dolphin) writes:
> >    [...]
> >4)  Donna tells Audrey that whatever they find they can't tell
> >    anyone.  But Donna tells James and Maddy that they are looking
> >    because they want to make sure womever did it gets caught.
> >    Why is her face changing for different people?

I'm very suspicious of Donna.  Audrey says she wants to take what they find 
to Cooper to help him solve the case.  Donna then says "whatever we find will 
stay just between us" [paraphrase].  Obviously, it won't stay between them for
long.  Then Donna (and James) enlist Madeline (sp?) to get more evidence.
Donna also got James to bury the necklace earlier.

My take on all this is that Donna is deeply involved, and is trying to get her
hands on any evidence before the police do.  She may use the excuse "the
police don't care about Laura, it's up to us to solve this murder" to keep
evidence out of police hands.  Donna was Laura's best friend, Audrey only an
aquaintance; why would Donna help Audrey?  I think because Donna doesn't know
where the necklace is, and thinks Audrey may have contacts she doesn't to find
it before the police do.  She is using Madeline in the same way because she
has access to evidence in the Palmer house, and Donna doesn't.  My guess is
James is not involved, just duped into aiding Donna in her scheme.

As I said earlier, only Donna has motive to want Laura dead as far as I can
see--she has a romantic interest in James and wants Laura out of the picture.

> >5)  Madelyn finds a cassette in the bedpost, goes downstairs
> >    and calls Donna, bringing the cassette down with her in a 
> >    shoe box. [...]  WHY A SHOEBOX? 

Because Madelyn is really the SHOEBOX LADY, a lost cousin of the LOG LADY!  In
Cooper's dream the dwarf is the log lady.  "This is my cousin, doesn't she
look just like Laura?"   IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!
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