Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: taping
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-05-17, 16:57

okay everyone, can we go through this problem and maybe come up
with some kind of "solution?"

A bunch of people have posted looking for tapes of some/all the TP
episodes.  One kind soul offered to keep a list of tapers and
tape-needers, with the goal of matching people in the same area
or whatever, but I suspect that the response from the tapers
was probably pretty dismal.  Like many other people, my request for
tapes was answered only by other people wanting copies.
There are definitely complications for both sides.  On one
side we have the TP addicts who are tapeless, on the other, we
have those people who have been taping regularly, but who would
have to get ahold of another VCR, spend quite a few hours making
tapes, and then ship them out.  Sure, they would get to watch
the episodes again and again, but time is a definite factor.

I guess there are probably places out there that make copies
of tapes, and if anyone has had experience with this, please
get in touch with me (here or email) and let me know if it's
REALLY expensive, time -consuming, etc....

Because here's what I propose.  I *just* bought a new TV and VCR.
I have only last week's episode ontape, but I have a non-news friend
who has it all on tape and who is more than willing to let
me make copies. I will do some research and find a place that makes
copies (so I don't have to borrow tons of VCR's) and will post
prices, etc. for copying.  It could be difficult if people only want
one episode or so, but I'm sure I can organize it and work it out.

I have seen some people advertising ( misc.wanted)
TP tapes for sale at about $20 an episode (?)  It just seemed
wrong that they should cost that much, and I resented the fact that
someone was trying to make a profit off of this need.  But, hey, this
is America and business is business!  But I think it is probably
illegal to make money off of it...

ANYWAY, I will do it for *free*, but you will, of course, have to
pay for tapes, postage and copying fees.

I bet I've gotten in way over my head here...  8-}
If anyone has any suggestions about making copies, let me know.

For the people I've already promised tapes to, dn't worry, you're
still on my list.  This whole tape thing should begin in about two weeks
(after the whole thing is over and people can put in complete orders.)

But ask around; there are TP fans in places you would least expect, and
you might be able to find someone who can lend you a copy (oh...and 
to the poster who didn't seem to understand all the requests for tapes,
this is what it's about...*lending*, *copying*...).  If not,
send me mail.  If it gets too out of control, I may plead for help.

But for now, send in your orders...

episodes needed
mailing address

I'll get back to people with prices and stuff later.  

complaints, comments, etc..let me know.