Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Give yourself a present every day
From: (Jon Conrad)
Date: 1990-05-18, 08:53

Lots of fascinating new stuff this week!

Lucy pregnant?  (I couldn't make out the doctor's words on my tv, but
the phrases posted by someone else confirm what I was suspecting from
that scene anyway.)  I suppose that makes Andy a daddy.  Remember that
two days previously he asked Lucy "Why wouldn't you let me spend the
night last night?"  A very forward thing for shy Andy to say if he had
not already spent the night in the past, and expected to do so again.

Audrey's quite a resourceful little tart, isn't she?  I love the femme
fatale touch of smoking even while hiding in the closet.

Cooper was a good balance of all-business and his eager open side.  I
dunno who decided Ed was the ideal undercover man, but I found some of
the results hilarious.

Clearly we are headed for a major showdown at the start of the next
show:  the Bookhouse boys, Audrey, and the Icelandic party all
converging on OEJ simultaneously.  And Jacques is there too!

One thing nobody has mentioned yet:  the polite little Asian man just
checking into the hotel.  A detective from Hong Kong, on Josie's trail?
Josie certainly has plenty of surprises in her.

The scene with Nadine and her misery was another of those touching-and-
hilarious-at-the-same-time jobs this series does so well.  C'mon,
Nadine, there must be an attorney somewhere who understands about

Another such source of conflicting emotions was the idea of shooting the
bird before it can talk.  That just tickled me no end.

Can anyone add clarification on one point?  The director, Caleb
Deschanel (also widely known as one of the best cinematographers in the
business, though he wasn't performing that job here) has been married
for some time to Mary Jo Deschanel, who plays the mother in the
wheelchair on Twin Peaks.  (She was the astronaut's wife with a stammer
in The Right Stuff.)  Yet our local paper said Mr. Deschanel is married
to Kimmy Robertson (Lucy)!  What's going on?  Did the paper get it
wrong?  (they often do)  Or has he recently dumped Mary Jo in favor of
Kimmy?  What's going on?

Many candidates for favorite lines in this episode:
"Poor Waldo!"
"Own a gas station, er I'm an oral surgeon."
"Can you give me one reason why I shouldn't throw you out?" [and
  subsequent action]