Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Jacoby and Bobby Dialog
From: (Bruce Bernhardt)
Date: 1990-05-18, 05:49

In article <12278@netcom.UUCP> petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen) writes:
> >In article <22094@dartvax.Dartmouth.EDU> (Kristy
> >Patterson) writes:
> >
>> >> Well, it's gotta be a shock to realize that someone else knows so much about
>> >> you...especially the part about the first time they (Bobby and Laura) made
>> >> love;
>> >>    Jacoby: Did you cry?
>> >>    Bobby:  Did I what?
>> >>    Jacoby: And did she laugh at you?
>> >> .sounds like a hell of a first time to me!  Wonder what its significance is
> >
> >I think there were two points to this exchange.  First of all, it furthers
> >the idea that Laura was a corrupting influence on Bobby, by casting Bobby as
> >the innocent/sensitive party, and Laura as an experienced/cruel one (or, more
> >generally, by suggesting that Laura was the stronger personality in the
> >relationship).  Secondly, it was intended to show just how far Jacoby is 
> >willing to go in his quest for whatever it is he's after; in this case, he's
> >willing to confront Bobby with this very personal and doubtlessly painful
> >information, with not the slightest concern for what effect it might have on 
> >Bobby.

 I think Jacoby is actually relating the experience as it happened to *him*.
The first time Jacoby and Laura made love, he cried and she laughed at him.
Jacoby's was asking Bobby to see if the same thing happened to him.

-- Bruce Bernhardt University of Minnesota 612/626-7162