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Subject: Re: 5/17 - *SPOILERS* - A compliment
Date: 1990-05-18, 05:41

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> > Hmmmmm.  Is Lucy pregnant?  Is Andy the father?  Who is?

That's one thing I really like about _Twin Peaks_: the development of the
characters.  Everyone in the town of Twin Peaks has a complex, three
-dimensional, and interesting personality that is being slowly unearthed and
fleshed out from week to week.  Building up the histories of its lead
characters from episode to episode happens on almost every dramatic series,
a good example being the development of Kirk and Spock on _Star Trek_; but
usually each new revelation is demanded by the nature of that particular
episode's plot: i.e. Spock's character gaining the power of mind-melding only
when he had to interrogate a deranged man aboard the Enterprise.  Many such
character points have occured in TP, where new elements of the leads (like
Josie's connection to Hank) move the plot along in a new direction.  I think
the difference is that here they seem the result of careful planning, where
the new piece of information about a person seem's believable for the
character, even if shocking; The Josie/Hank connection was a surprise, but it
didn't seem out of character for her.

But what is most appreciated (and most surprising) is that ALL the characters
are being developed evenly.  Supporting characters such as Lucy and Andy,
whose function throughout the first few weeks was mainly comic relief,
sprouted real conflicts and motivations and therefore becoming flesh and blood;
this can be extended to Hawk and the Log Lady.

Someone once compared Lucy (unflatteringly) to Miss Depesto (sp?), the ditzy
secretary on _Moonlighting_.  That person should take a look at her now.

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