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Subject: Re: 5/17 - *SPOILERS*
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-18, 05:42

In article <>
(Denizen of Hell) writes:

> >Hmmmmm.  Is Lucy pregnant?

Most definitely -- if you listen very closely to her telephone conversation 
with the doctor, you can hear the doctor saying things like "talk with you
about diet", "discuss a schedule of appointments", and so on.  That, and 
Lucy's reactions, make it pretty clear what's going on....

> >It looks like Josie may just have to be classified under evil after all.
> >And what does Truman know about Josie that he won't tell Cooper?

I think that it's what Truman *doesn't* know about Josie that he won't tell
Cooper!  (In other words, Truman truly doesn't know a lot about Josie's 
background, and is uncomfortable, to say the least, with admitting that to

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