Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 5/17 Peaks musings
From: mschiano@BINAH.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU (Michael Jude Schiano)
Date: 1990-05-18, 13:14

> >Is Bobby dumping some sort of bizarre explosive in James' motorcycle in an
> >attempt to blow it up?  or cocaine in an attempt to frame James' (meaning
> >he'll probably have to call the cops to complete the frame -- which probably
> >won't work since many of the cops are fellow Bookhouse boys)?  or is it
> >just sugar and Bobby wants to maliciously plug up James' fuel filter?

	I thought sugar did more than plug up gas filters. Doesn't
	it, like, explode?  

> >Lucy pregnant?  Must be time for that soap opera staple:  Who's the papa?

	This wouldn't be the first time ^tp^ intersected with 
	stereotypical evening soap opera gimmicks.  The brains
	behind ^tp^ are quite good at parodying the genre, but
	of course produce a much finer product.  I think:

		(a) it was put in to keep the soap-opera fans
		    who enjoy the soap-operaness of ^tp^ 

		(b) while giving those of us who don't usually
		    touch the stuff a laugh

		    Recall how we saw Shelley shoot Leo, and we
		    all, in true form, wondered, "Is he dead?"
		    But 5 minutes later (not next week!) we see
	            he isn't. That is, it LOOKED like a soap-opera
		    type situation, but they just threw it away!

		    Also, the references to the Scarlet Letter and
		    Laura are a bit artsy for soap-opera.  I think
		    the writers are doing a great job of creating
		    at times a meta-soap-opera.

> >
> >The poker chip was cut too cleanly and deliberately to just be a chance break
> >(or the work of a myna beak).  It was placed as a message or a ritual, just
> >like the fingernail letters.
> >
> >Well... at least we'll get to see Audrey in one of those skimpy OEJ outfits...
> >
> >
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