Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who is the heavy breather?
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-05-18, 23:18

In article (Rich Rosen) writes:
> >In article <>, (Greg Sandell) writes:
>> >> After we watch James & friend sneak into Jacoby's and Bobby
>> >> put a white substance in James' gastank, we return to where
>> >> Madeline is, we get the viewpoint of the heavy breather again,
>> >> with the satanic sounds again...and this time he is peering
>> >> through the curtains of what looks like a hotel.  On first 
>> >> watching, I guess I just sort of confused this viewpoint with
>> >> that of Bobby, but on re-viewing, it's clearly a different
>> >> person.
> >
>> >> So who is he?  He could easily be Leo,...
> >
>> >> How about Leland Palmer (that's Laura's dad, right?)?
> >
> >Wait a sec...  Jacoby took a close look at the tape after hanging up the
> >phone, and noted the gazebo in the background, right?  So more than likely
> >he was the one whose perspective we were seeing that scene from.  (But then
> >again, what *did* Leland do after he saw Lau...  whoops, Maddy leaving the
> >house?)

No way it's Jacoby. Heavy Breather (HB) is watching all four of
them (Bobby, James, Donna and Madeleine) at the gazebo. James and
Donna take off on the Harley, Bobby follows, HB stays and watches
"Madelaura". Later, James and Donna watch Jacoby leave his office.
Unless there are two Jacobies (now *there's* an interesting concept)
he can't be HB.

As for Leland, I think he's watching an imaginary episode of 
"Invitation to Love" on a darkened TV at home.

Who is HB? The major possibilities are Hank, Leo, One-Armed Mike,
and, of course, Sheriff Truman. (I assume we can safely discount
"Snake",Pete, Andy, Hawk, Dr. Hayward, Mayor Millford, and the Log
Lady.) Everyone else is pretty much accounted for. They're all
either at or on their way to OEJ.

My current favorite theory about who the killer is: Ronette Pulaski.
She was jealous because Dr. Jacoby dumped her for Laura. She murdered
Laura while Jacques and Leo were off on a beer run and gave herself a
few cuts to make it look like she'd been worked over by the same
person. Dr. Jacoby caught up with her too late and whacked her in
the head, resulting in her current coma. Leo and Jacques returned,
found the body, and disposed of it to cover their asses, while
Ronette wandered down the mountain toward the state line.

I haven't quite worked out why she killed Theresa Banks.

What are you laughing at? It's no more hairbrained than accusing
Leland of killing Laura.

-- Dave Mack