Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Revised Cast List 5/18
From: (Jon Conrad)
Date: 1990-05-18, 07:17

Ok, folks, here is the third revised version of the Twin Peaks cast!
The PEOPLE magazine chart was a great help in filling in missing last
names.  But they unaccountably left out the one-armed man (while
including such ephemera as the mill worker Catherine fired in the first
show), so we STILL don't know his first name.  Will we ever?

Anyway, here it all is.  Anybody who can tell me exactly who, out of all
the "guest starring" actresses, plays Blackie, will be heartily thanked.

                            TWIN PEAKS

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper                       Kyle MacLachlan
Sheriff Harry S. Truman                             Michael Ontkean
Jocelyn ("Josie") Packard, from Hong Kong;
  inherited Packard Sawmill from husband Andrew;
  seeing Sheriff Truman                                   Joan Chen
Catherine Martell, Andrew's sister;
  secretly involved with Benjamin Horne                Piper Laurie
Pete Martell, Catherine's husband;
  he found Laura's body                                  Jack Nance

Benjamin Horne, real-estate developer;
  owns the Great Northern Hotel                      Richard Beymer
Sylvia Horne, his wife                                   Jan D'Arcy
Audrey Horne, their spoiled daughter                  Sherilyn Fenn
Johnny Horne, their disturbed son   Robert Davenport / Robert Bauer
Jerry Horne, Benjamin's brother                 David Patrick Kelly

Leland Palmer, associate of Benjamin Horne                 Ray Wise
Sarah Palmer, his wife                              Grace Zabriskie
Laura Palmer, their daughter;
  mysteriously murdered                                  Sheryl Lee
Madeleine Ferguson, Laura's cousin                       Sheryl Lee

Bobby Briggs ("Bopper"), involved with
  Laura Palmer (& secretly Shelly)                    Dana Ashbrook
Elizabeth Briggs, his mother                      Charlotte Stewart
Major Garland Briggs, Bobby's father                      Don Davis
Mike Nelson ("Snake"), Bobby's friend              Gary Hershberger

Norma Jennings, owner of the Double R Diner            Peggy Lipton
Hank Jennings, her formerly imprisoned husband         Chris Mulkey

Shelly Johnson, a waitress at the diner               Madchen Amick
Leo Johnson, her nasty trucker husband                   Eric Da Re

James Hurley, a biker, secretly involved
  with Laura; now in love with Donna                 James Marshall
Ed Hurley, James's uncle, owner of Big Ed's Gas Farm;
  secretly in love with Norma                        Everett McGill
Nadine Hurley, Ed's drape-crazed wife                   Wendy Robie

Dr. Will Hayward ("Doc")                               Warren Frost
Eileen Hayward, his wife,
  confined to a wheelchair                        Mary Jo Deschanel
Donna Hayward, their daughter,
  in love with James                               Lara Flynn Boyle
Harriet Hayward, Donna's
  younger sister                                 Jessica Wallenfels

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, psychiatrist                      Russ Tamblyn

Andy Brennan, the deputy who cries                       Harry Goaz
Tommy Hill ("Hawk"), the other deputy                 Michael Horse
Lucy Morgan, the sheriff's receptionist             Kimmy Robertson

Ronnette Pulaski, the intended 3rd victim          Phoebe Augustine
Janek Pulaski, her father                    Rick Tutor / Alan Ogle
Maria Suburbis Pulaski,
  Janek's wife                  Roberta Maguire / Michele Milantoni

George Wolchezk, high school principal                   Troy Evans
Dwayne Milford, mayor                                   John Boylan
Margaret, the log lady                         Catherine E. Coulson
Emory Battis, personnel director of Horne's
  Department Store and link to One-Eyed Jacks         Don Amendolia

Jacques Renault, bartender at the roadhouse         Walter Olkewicz
Bernard Renault, his brother (now murdered)             Clay Wilcox
Blackie O'Reilly, proprietress of One Eyed Jacks   [unsure of name]
Joey Paulson, a friend of James                        Brett Vadset

--- Michael Gerard, the one-armed man                    Al Strobel
Bob Lydecker, his best friend, a veterinarian          [yet unseen]
"Killer Bob," a dream figure seen by Cooper & Sarah     Frank Silva
Albert Rosenfeld, FBI forensic expert                 Miguel Ferrer