Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Final Solution (maybe spoiler - I doubt it)
From: (Gary Newell)
Date: 1990-05-18, 09:45

 Looks to me as if they are going to go with the same ending as the 
european version. Kill thiss now if you don't already know what happens
in that version.....

 Well - if I understand it correctly, it seems that a drifter is introduced
in the last episode of the euro version and is found to be the killer. I
assume that all the Leo and friends crap is passed off as some rougher than
normal (but not deadly) sexcapades with the girls before this drifter
offs them.....

 Now this makes sense as they can stick with the letters under the
"fingernails, serial killer" - plot that they set up to begin with .
Kind of a piss-poor way to end it though if in fact this is correct.
The way I see it, they really have no choice but to stick with this
ending - it is either that or go with Leo etc. and that would make it
the most obvious murder mystery of all time as the clues leading to
Leo were so heavy-handed since episode #1. The only other option I
could see is some kind of weak explanation that points to someone
else that has not been set up well in the plot so far.......