Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Thoughts on 4/17
From: dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson)
Date: 1990-05-18, 07:47

Nicely done. Crisply directed -- the characters sparkle the way they did in
the Lynch episodes. (Caleb Deschanel started out as a cinematographer.) Some
good throwaway bits (Cooper's valise full of moustaches), some homages
(cocaine in the motorcycle gas tank), some arty bits (Venetian-blind shadows
in Emory Battis's office). Waldo bleeding on the donuts was inspired.

- Is the news Lucy hears from a doctor on the phone that she's pregnant? Sure
  seemed like it. Might explain her iciness to Officer Andy.

- When Leo spots Bobby heading for his place he breathes "Bobby Briggs!" in a
  way that convinces me he didn't suspect before that Bobby was the cuckolder.
  Some of us had gotten the impression that Leo was onto Bobby, but had no
  proof, from the football scene in the woods.

- When we see James, Donna, and Maddy listen to Laura's tape, James cuts it
  off before it's obvious to us that the tape is over. This bothered me
at first
  sight, but on reviewing I think we were coming in on them after they had
  already listened through the tape a number of times, so James knew
when to hit

- Now we know why Maddy wore the blonde wig. Not to get "in character" when
  calling Jacoby, but for the the benefit of Donna's videotape.

- Whose cigarette lighter did Hank filch, and why? Maybe this is just to
  further established that he's bad-bad and terminally bent. Probably swats
  butterflies too. When HST says to Coop moments later, "Do you think
people can
  change? I don't," we believe him.

Vintage Cooper:
He got off Audrey's hook with panache and grace. (Too bad we didn't get to
hear any of their let-down-the-hair session.)

"Ed, let's gamble!" --  at OEJ

"Two cups of good, hot, black coffee!" I never knew that two cups of coffee on
a counter could look so appealing.

"...and Ed, the suit is perfect." "Harry, that's good enough for me." Man's a
natural-born diplomat. He has the gift of making those around him feel bigger.

Favorite scenes:
The party animals singing "100 bottles of beer on the wall" in Icelandic.

Audrey knotting a cherry stem with her tongue.

Catherine and the insurance man Neff. Volumes of unspoken communication. Neff
says, "Anything I can do to help you... with the policy or... anything at
all...," and then he subvocalizes "anything" again. (Had to watch this
repeatedly in slo-mo to understand what he was mouthing.) Catherine gets the
message. The man wants to be useful, and might come in handy.

Loose ends:
Leland notices Maddy sneaking out of the house. (Can this matter? Man's a
walking cipher by now...)

Who was that Chinese checking into the hotel across the hall from Cooper's
room? The background music was ominous cymbals when he nodded to Audrey. I
can't believe he'll get introduced and figure in the plot in the one remaining
hour. Another loose end for the followup series. "Let's toss in a mysterious
Chinese man, he might come in handy..."

"These grapes are right on the edge." -- Doc Hayward

"Oral surgeons, Harry. Big spenders vacationing among the firs." -- Cooper

"The trees... they worship... I caught a couple of them hugging pines..." --
Jerry, brandishing a giant pinecone