Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Thoughts on 5/17
From: oliver@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Dolphin)
Date: 1990-05-18, 11:02

	Ok- they've really gone off the deep end here, but it
had its good points.  I understand why Agt. Cooper turned Audrey
away from his bed (can you imagine the brouhaha if they were caught
in bed together?) but I am still a little disappointed.
The Shoebox problem is now solved- she was carrying many tapes.  *BUT*
she found them in a *BEDPOST*?  That many tapes... wow.  Must be a
bedpost of holding.
So Leo is definitely partly guilty.  But we knew that already.  Does
he habitually listen to police radio?  No big surprise there.  But
does Lucy habitually broadcast evidence over the radio?  And evidently
Leo _DIDN'T_ know that it was Bobby that Shelly was seeing.
Triangle:Josie, Ben, Catherine... + Leo and Hank.
	theory:  Ben is double crossing everyone.  With Cathy to burn
down the mill and blame Josie.  With Josie to burn down the mill and
kill Catherine.  Himself planning to implicate Josie in Catherine's
death.  But the key lies in the past:  with Josie's involvement
with Hank.  We know that Hank went to jail 3 years ago, and Mr. Packard
died 1.5 years ago.  We also know that Cooper was a little suspicious
of Josie.  2+2=?  Josie married Andrew Packard in order to get the mill.
She did this in conspiracy with Hank.  They waited a good amount of time
before offing Andrew, but before they could do it, Hank got sent to jail,
leaving Josie (and Leo?) to kill Andrew.  Josie told HST that she had
overheard Cath. and Ben discussing Andrew's death.  But did we ever 
hear that conversation?  She might have been baiting HST.  She was planning
the whole time to double cross Ben but it remains to be seen who is the
better double crosser:  Ben, Josie, or Cath.
	And since it looks like the series is being continued, are they
ever going to tell us whodunit?

Oh yeah- I cant wait until Mr. Horne sees his daughter at OEJ's.. 
Plus Cooper, Ed, and the Icelanders...