Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 5/17 episode.
From: (pa1029)
Date: 1990-05-19, 14:46

I had a lot of fun watching that last episode, but it felt more
like conventional TV than most of the other episodes did.  That was
true for the second one-hour episode, too.  I think in this last one
they had to cram in too much plot to be able to maintain the nothing-
is-happening-but-everything-seems-really-weird air that seems to
characterize TP at its best.

I was also a little irked by the way some of the characters seemed to
be refusing to show the additional depth that netters want them to
have.  Lucy's blabbing about the mynah bird over the radio seemed to
fit her surface image perfectly.  I think she and Miss Depesto are
excellent matches, in fact.  I dunno, maybe that's the only example I
can think of.

But I did love the plot.  Things will definately be hopping next
Wednesday night.  (Which I just implied is not TP at its best.  You
know what they say about a foolish consistency.)  I, for one, was glad
Cooper fended Audrey off.  Sleeping with her wouldn't have been the
right thing to do, and I want him to keep on doing the right thing.  On
the other hand, I'm starting to like Audrey better.  Pretty she is
(actually, I like Donna, myself), but I generally don't like people who
pour coffee all over someone's desk just to be obnoxious, or who engage
in manipulation and blackmail.  However, it's beginning to get through
to me how she's hurting.

Seems like Cooper made little attempt to hide the fact that he was
counting cards at the blackjack table.  Don't casinos frown on that
sort of behavior?

Does anybody have a good read on Ed and Nadine's relationship?  Was she
a normal human being at some earlier date?

And does that metasoap the townspeople are always watching come on all
hours of the day?  Or does everybody videotape it and watch it at their
convenience?  (Remember Jacoby was watching it when Maddie called.)
Maybe that soap is the only thing the stations in TP carry, and it's
the force that keeps the town in its pure state that so appeals to
Agent Cooper.  Maybe it gives a town of 51,000 the ambience of a tiny
mountain community.  

Mark Foskey