Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Nell Carter's relationship to Twin Peaks
From: (Jim Kan)
Date: 1990-05-19, 02:02

As an infrequent network eavesdropper, I'm enjoying all these convoluted
theories about the Peaks gang. Personally I say "Enjoy the ride".  There's no
way Lynch will resolve all the questions you have.  If so, a Poirot-type
revelation scene would take three episodes, and a Nightline special to boot.
But here's a couple things I found curious, as to casting.  Whatever.  What I
really want to know is, wasn't the youngest daughter on the lamentable
"Gimme a Break" named Lara Flynn?  As in "Lara Flynn Boyle" (Donna)?  Also
who has theories about the little "R" embedded in Laura's fingertip? As a
last comment, us in LA area have an added treat in that "The Prisoner" is
broadcast late night weekly, also on Thursday.  Two, two, TWO mysteries in

gondola bob c/o