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Subject: Re: 5/17 - *SPOILERS*
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-19, 06:46

>> >> = me
> > = Rich Rosen

>>> >>> Hmmmmm.  Is Lucy pregnant?

>> >> Most definitely -- if you listen very closely to her telephone conversation 
>> >> with the doctor, you can hear the doctor saying things like "talk with you
>> >> about diet", "discuss a schedule of appointments", and so on.  That, and 
>> >> Lucy's reactions, make it pretty clear what's going on....

> > Well, on the other hand, it could be she's been diagnosed with any number of
> > other conditions, too.  BTW, correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall the very
> > last words said between her and the doctor over the phone as:
> >
> > Doctor:	"Are you all right?"
> > Lucy:	"No, I'm fine."

The idea of some other diagnosis just doesn't sound right to me.  First, from
what I could hear of the doctor's comments, they don't fit well with any
diagnosis other than pregnancy.  (I'd like to hear that scene again, to try
and catch more of the doctor's dialogue, but I just found out tonight that I
*don't* have the episode on tape....  Perhaps someone else could check it?)
Perhaps more importantly, the doctor's *tone* is too matter-of-fact for him 
to be giving Lucy a diagnosis of some sort of disease or illness.  Pregnancy
would be somewhat unique in that respect -- while it typically involves a 
great deal of  medical care, it is a diagnosis that most people are happy to
receive.  The doctor's tone reflects this; this could also be why the doctor
asks Lucy if she's all right (i.e. he's not concerned that she is OK after 
getting bad news, but surprised that she seems upset over what he assumes is 
good news). 

Of course I could be wrong.  (Anything's possible.... (But only a few things 
that are in my best interests are actually significant.  Or something like

Barbara Petersen
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