Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 5/17 episode.
From: (Sarah L. Higley)
Date: 1990-05-19, 21:40

In article <> (pa1029) writes:
]I, for one, was glad
]Cooper fended Audrey off.  Sleeping with her wouldn't have been the
]right thing to do, and I want him to keep on doing the right thing.  On
]the other hand, I'm starting to like Audrey better.  Pretty she is
](actually, I like Donna, myself), but I generally don't like people who
]pour coffee all over someone's desk just to be obnoxious, or who engage
]in manipulation and blackmail.  However, it's beginning to get through
]to me how she's hurting.
Ditto.  I like Audrey the best, so far, next to Agent Cooper.  I'm glad
he didn't jump in the sack either.  Somehow, that opening scene with him
sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to her, going through the
painful process of having to reject someone gently was the perfect touch
to his character.  He's so... so... WHOLESOME that it would have been
completely out of character for him to play into Audrey's hands.  Audrey
can make other people dance to her tune, but not Dale Cooper.  Maybe
I'll be surprised.

]And does that metasoap the townspeople are always watching come on all
]hours of the day?  Or does everybody videotape it and watch it at their
]convenience?  (Remember Jacoby was watching it when Maddie called.)
]Maybe that soap is the only thing the stations in TP carry, and it's
]the force that keeps the town in its pure state that so appeals to
]Agent Cooper.  Maybe it gives a town of 51,000 the ambience of a tiny
]mountain community.  

There's something sort of funny and creepy about the idea that
"Invitation to Love" might be the ONLY thing that's on... ever.  All
day, all night, and all repeats.  I'm sure that was an intentional piece
of surrealism on Lynch's part.  I don't think you can rationalize
anything in this show.

> >Mark Foskey