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Subject: Re: Everybody do "The Leland"
From: (Sarah L. Higley)
Date: 1990-05-19, 09:45

In article <> (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:
]In any case, it should now be pretty clear what the story is.  Here's my
]take on it:
]Leo murders Laura.  Several days later, Shelly shoots him.  Severely
]wounded, Leo realizes that his being shot was, at least in part, a
]consequence of his having murdered Laura.  He travels several days back
]into the past, to warn Leo-prime not to kill Laura, otherwise Leo-prime
]will be shot by Shelly-prime.  Leo-naught dies, his shirt a bloody mess.
] Leo-prime takes Leo-naught's shirt to Jacques-prime as proof that he
]was visited by Leo-naught.  Leo-prime explains to Jacques-prime why they
]mustn't kill Laura-prime -- at least, not yet.  Leo-prime arrives home
]and has Shelly-prime wash his laundry while he tries to think of a plan.
] Shelly-prime finds the bloodstained shirt and hides it.  Laura-prime,
]who is still alive, decides to masquerade as her cousin Madeleine. 
]Several days later, Laura-prime calls Jacoby-prime.  Meanwhile,
]Leo-prime stalks Shelly-prime with a sniper's rifle, since by
]eliminating her, he becomes free to murder Laura-prime (which was his
]original plan, for reasons unknown) without fear of being shot ("again").
]The only confusion arises from the fact that the audience is being shown
]both timeline-naught and timeline-prime, intermixed.
]Clearly, the major concern for next week is keeping Laura-prime from
]dying.  Mr. Palmer, who is in touch with both timelines because of his
]innate temporal instability, is aware of this danger, and of his
]inability to do anything about it.  It is this realization that drives
]him to dance "The Leland."
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Think you got something here.  I think you ought to tell
rec.arts.startrek about it;  along with Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who
and Cheers, they're looking for new shows to meet up with the
Enterprise.  Actually, things are getting a little dull over there so
I'm dipping more and more into this newsgroup.  We might also find that
Leo is Arnold Schwarzenegger in disguise, and that Laura is an android.

Twin Peaks has me totally riveted; I forgot to turn on my VCR last week
and had to leave a dinner party at eight-thirty.  I've been avidly
renting the other Lynch films; Blue Velvet left me cold but do you
notice the Blue Velvet visual references in "Invitation to Love"?  The
card on a blue cloth background, the man being gagged...  I wouldn't be
surprised to see some clandestine EraserHead references, and could
somebody tell me the SAM HILL what that film was all about?????????
That kept me awake in ways that no other horror film has been able to do
in years.  The man is SICK!  I think television censorship has improved
Lynch immeasurably, and allowed him new and creative channels for his
dementia.  I love it!

Hello Ben, Chris et al.

slhi    (two hundred and seventy six articles left to read... sigh)