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Subject: Re: Jacoby and Bobby Dialog
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-19, 06:00

In article <> (Bruce
Bernhardt) writes:

>> >> Well, it's gotta be a shock to realize that someone else knows so much about
>> >> you...especially the part about the first time they (Bobby and Laura) made
>> >> love:
>> >>    Jacoby: Did you cry?
>> >>    Bobby:  Did I what?
>> >>    Jacoby: And did she laugh at you?
>> >> sounds like a hell of a first time to me!  Wonder what its significance is

> > I think Jacoby is actually relating the experience as it happened to *him*.
> > The first time Jacoby and Laura made love, he cried and she laughed at him.
> > Jacoby's was asking Bobby to see if the same thing happened to him.

This sounds unlikely to me -- think of the comments we've heard Laura making
to Jacoby that suggest their sexual relationship (e.g. Laura's comment from
an early episode: "James is sweet, but sometimes I don't want sweetness" (or
something to that effect)).  They don't seem the sort of things Laura would
say to someone who cried the first time they made love.

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