Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: mynah dwarves
From: (Sarah L. Higley)
Date: 1990-05-19, 11:31

In article writes:

]Well, I think we've all realized by now that the dwarf in Cooper's dream is
]completely over-determined (to use a Freudian term).  He stands for just about
]everyone.  But I'm *sure* that the weird speech in that dream was a reference
]to Waldo.  Listening to the speech was like trying to understand a mynah

I LOVE the way this show plays with the notion of the weird
"reconstruction."  We're constantly hearing things twice or three-times
removed.  The tape of the minah bird, for instance: we're hearing a
recording of an animal that is in itself a recording.  Add this to the
recent discussion of video-taping and we have yet another level...I'm
watching my record of a television record of a recording of a living
record....AAARGH!!  So many of the things that people say, too, are
inaudible or garbled or have multiple interpretations (so what else is
new).  The weird speech in the dream, incidentally, is another layer of
recordings.  Say it backwards, record it, play it backwards, record
that...  there's no level at which the show doesn't constantly remind us
of its artifices.