Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Broken Heart Necklace!
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-05-19, 00:29

In article (Rich Rosen) writes:
> >In article <>,
> >(Dave Mack) writes:
>> >> So what you're saying is, there are two veterinarians named Bob Lydecker
>> >> in Twin Peaks? And the other one, the one who isn't in a coma, is 
>> >> Killer Bob Lydecker? Yow, now all we need is the beautiful amnesiac
>> >> heiress who witnessed the whole thing but can't remember it and we'll
>> >> be all set.
> >
> >OK, wiseguy... :-)
> >
> >I was working under the following assumptions:
> >
> >1) That the Dr. Leydecker who runs the clinic has not been identified as
> >	BOB Leydecker.

Damn it, it's LYDECKER, not LEYDECKER. It says so right over the door
to the clinic, just above the words "Aid to the beast incarnate".

And I imagine a sharp guy like Agent Cooper would make sure that
the vet running the clinic is in fact BOB LYDECKER (dammit), not
his black sheep brother Napoleon Lydecker, who is secretly planning
to steal the family jewels and flee to Australia with Reginald
Bedwetter's prize ewe, where they will live forever in wedded bliss.

> >
> >Obviously any corroboration of the antitheses of any or all of these
> >assumptions on my part negate the thrust of my little theory, but lacking a
> >tape of the episode(s) in question, I am only speculating.  The point is that,
> >as I said in a previous article, it's little things like this, exploitation of
> >the fact that we the audience/readers jump to conclusions and make assumptions
> >that aren't necessarily warranted by the real facts, that makes a good mystery.

In a good mystery, the detective isn't some fumblebunny who isn't
even bright enough to check out the full name of a suspect. Of course,
Twin Peaks may not be intended to be a "good" mystery, it may be
intended to be the world's strangest soap opera (including "Dark
Shadows"). So maybe you're right. But if you are, it means that
FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is an incompetent nitwit. For me,
at least, that would ruin the series.

-- Dave Mack