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Subject: Re: Thoughts on 4/17
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-19, 04:02

In article <4a778b44.20b6d@apollo.HP.COM>, dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson) writes...

} Nicely done. Crisply directed -- the characters sparkle the way they
} did in the Lynch episodes.

I agree. And the script was by Harley Peyton again, who wrote the limpest
episode of the series (4/26). It looks more likely that it was tepid
direction by Tina Rathbourne that did in that episode rather than Peyton's

} When Leo spots Bobby heading for his place he breathes "Bobby Briggs!"
} in a way that convinces me he didn't suspect before that Bobby was the
} cuckolder. Some of us had gotten the impression that Leo was onto Bobby,
} but had no proof, from the football scene in the woods.

I was the one who first suggested that, but I agree that this new scene
seems to belie that impression.

} "Harry, that's good enough for me." Man's a natural-born diplomat.

This bit bothered me slightly. I thought it was quite in character, if
out of left field, for the Coopster to be suddenly suspicious of Josie.
When Harry says, "I love her and that's all I need to know," and Coop
replies with what you quote above, I felt disappointed that he was
disregarding his intuition. On reflection, though, I suspect that he *was*
just being diplomatic, deciding that now wasn't the time to get involved
in an argument with Harry, and possibly alienating Harry in the bargain.

And perhaps...*perhaps*...we'll see Harry start thinking about how much
he really knows about Josie's background. He *knows* how good Coop is at
figuring things out, and he might realize that if Coop has suspicions
about Josie, there's probably something there that his loveblindness is
blocking out. This would be a *great* piece of character work.

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