Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: VCR use
From: (Sarah L. Higley)
Date: 1990-05-19, 10:56

In article <> (Chris Brooks) writes:
]If you were directing TP (or I suppose any similar show) would you do
]things differently if you expected people would tape your show and
]analyze it in detail later?
]It seems that some TP fans watch for the general effect, some tape and
]review in detail, some do a mix.  Do people think that Lynch and Frost
]have the tapers in mind at all?  
]I don't know enough about their work to have an opinion; however, I
]I might leave "certain clues" for the tapers--sort of a hidden extra.

Absolutely.  Video-recording has made it possible to treat film like a
manuscript, to be pored over and decipered.  However, films that predate
video-recording have been shot with similar precision and clue-planting.
I've often wondered just what the makers of "It's A Wonderful Life" are
doing with that crow that keeps cropping up.  Or the squirrel that runs
up Jimmie Stewart's arm.  But good film-makers from day ONE have regarded
their craft as an intricate work of art where the marginal or the
subliminal can add as much to the substance of the film as the obvious.
And I don't think one need be a videotaper to pick up on them,