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Subject: Re: Who is the heavy breather?
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-19, 03:54

In article , (Rich Rosen) writes...

} In article <>, (Greg Sandell) writes:

}} After we watch James & friend sneak into Jacoby's and Bobby put a
}} white substance in James' gastank, we return to where Madeline is,
}} we get the viewpoint of the heavy breather again,

} Jacoby took a close look at the tape after hanging up the phone, and
} noted the gazebo in the background, right?  So more than likely he
} was was the one whose perspective we were seeing that scene from.

No, note the "again" above. The first time we see the mystery-person
viewpoint, it was as James and Donna (and Bobby) leave for Jacoby's
office. J&D watched Jacoby leave, so he couldn't have been the "heavy
breather" since he was still in his office when the HB first appears.

Maybe it's Killer Bob.
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