Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks--more on 5/17
From: jellinghaus-robert@CS.Yale.EDU (Rob Jellinghaus)
Date: 1990-05-19, 11:49

All right, everyone, I'm taking bets as to who the prowler near the gazebo
(the one watching Maddy after James, Donna, and Bobby leave).  Leland?  
Killer Bob?  Leo?  I'm banking on Leland; he looked awfully freaky when
we saw him looking after Maddy.

Did the bird tell us anything new?  I thought we knew already that Leo and
Jacques were the only visitors to the cabin.  We've been thinking about
how the bird ties in to what the Log Lady tells Dale & co.  Break the code,
solve the crime, we've only got 4 days left....

Agent Cooper doesn't like birds.  Or secrets.  Where IS Josie from, anyway?
And will Hank have time to waste Big Ed in the next episode, or was that
just a little atmospheric moment in this week's?

My friend Margarita thinks Twin Peaks will all burn to the ground--the mill,
then the Great Northern when the Icelanders drunkenly set the ballroom
ablaze, then the woods themselves...  Hank is going to torch Big Ed's Gas
Farm... and we'll get a shot of Dale, the Sheriff, and Hawk watching the
flames.  There are many spirits in the woods, aren't there, Margaret?

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, for those lamos who seem to think the previews
are not part of the episode and don't want to speculate on them--one of
the things I find most enjoyable about all this:

I hope everyone noticed that the pickup being surrounded by police cars
at the end of the preview is Leo's tan pickup, and that's probably Leo
that the Sheriff is walking forwards to apprehend.

So what happens when Ben sees Audrey working at One-Eyed Jack's?  What
about when Dale sees her?  Next week's gonna be a rouser of an episode.

But I heard a rumor that the murderer won't be revealed, even next week. 
Anyone know the real deal?

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