Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Random thoughts on this and that
From: gene@uokmax.uucp (Gene Johannsen)
Date: 1990-05-20, 15:54

	Usually when something painful is going to be done to a person, they
are given something to bite on.  Might Jacque and Leo have given Laura a 
poker chip to bite on while they put the letter under her fingernail?
Cooper did have to dig for the letter (it still hurts for me to think 
about it) so the letter must have been placed deep.  (Though, of course, the
letter need not have been placed when she was alive)

	Anyway, this begs the question, "Why?"  My answer is because of a cult
that Leo and Jacques belong to.  My theory is as follows:
	1)  The letter takes the place of a ring
		It was placed under the nail on the ring finger
	2)  The letter signifies a bond, much like a wedding band, but
            more permanent.
	3)  The letter signifies who the person is bound to.

Alright then, if we assume that Laura was a member of the cult, then she would
be taking part in the ceremonies of her own free will.  She had the chip in her
mouth to bite on, but it broke and she accidentally swallowed a piece.  My 
guess is that the letter stood for Renault, and that Jacques received a letter
from Leo (which is where the blood might have come from, but that is an awful
lot of blood to come from one finger) that was a P for Palmer.

I don't know how Ronnete would fit in this, but I also believe that Laura 
and Ronnete were attacked later by someone else, not Jacques and Leo.

Then again maybe not.  Hopefully we will find out Wednesday.