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Subject: Re: 5/17 episode.
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-20, 06:16

In article <> (pa1029) writes:

> >Does anybody have a good read on Ed and Nadine's relationship?  Was she
> >a normal human being at some earlier date?

My impression is that yes, Nadine was a "normal human being" at one time;
presumably, this would be when she and Ed fell in love.  Over the years,
for some unknown reason, her mental condition deteriorated.  As a result,
while Ed still cares for her a great deal, they do not (and cannot) have
a normal "adult-to-adult" relationship; Nadine is virtually completely
dependent on Ed, with Ed in basically a caretaker/nurse role.  Needing 
other, more substantial, companionship, Ed turns to Norma, his old high
school sweetheart (who is in need of a more law-abiding companion). 

Don't have much to back up this interpretation over any other; as I said,
it's just my guess....

Barbara Petersen
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