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Subject: Re: Comments ...
From: petersen@netcom.UUCP (Barbara Petersen)
Date: 1990-05-20, 06:40

In article <>,
(Dave Mack) writes:

> > The problem with Leo is that it's not clear to me that he is a
> > sexual sadist of the type who usually commits serial murders. Nor is
> > he the type to engage in the ritualistic aspects of the murder: the
> > letter under the fingernail, the mound of dirt and the necklace, FIRE
> > Walk with Me, etc. Leo is very pragmatic.

An excellent point -- any theory about who the killer is goes nowhere unless
and until it provides an explanation for the ritualistic aspects of the murder.
Focusing narrowly on these aspects, Dr. Jacoby seems the most obvious suspect,
given his goofy neo-mystical bent....

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